I love to cook. Here are some of my favorite recipes.  They are elegant comfort food that won’t give you cancer.

Some of these recipes appeared in a profile of me in  “Soap Opera Digest.”

Keep an eye on this spot. I’ll be adding recipes and a recipe exchange in the near future. Enjoy!

Bergen’s Brunch


Sexy Black Bean Soup

Chili Mango & Jicama Salad

SMASH Cookies


4 responses to “Recipes

  1. Tamika Humphries-Noelle

    Thank you so much for sharing your website with us at “work”. I cannot wait to try out your recipes.

  2. I am trying to go vegan, and would love to know if your cookbook is out yet. I read it in a magazine that you were coming out with one. Thank you so much by the way, for posting just these recipes with us! You are a true inspiration!

  3. hi
    first let me tell you that you are fantastic on the show. i am such a loyal watcher…i have been watching since 1968!!!! i dvr it every single day, and i NEVER miss it. it better not have the same fate as omc or oltl because i will
    be as outraged as possible!!! but this email is because i am very interested in the contents of the cookies. my partner, just 54 and she had congestive heart failure due to a faulty aorta valve from birht and we are going strong with getting healthy and eating the right food. she has to watch sodium, sugar and carbs, and i do as well, being 58 and overweight with really bad joints! we have been together 25 years and we want as many more as we can get.
    so thank you and i hope you can help and let me know
    your fan

    sue williams

  4. i wrote a big note, not sure if you got it…expressed being a huge fan of you and the show…
    i am looking for the nutritional info on the cookies
    if i get your email, i will email the first one i sent that i think did not get sent

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