About Bergen

Bergen Williams is a “Jane of all Trades”  and has been everything from a dishwasher to an executive software analyst, with stints as a forklift driver, legal secretary, welder, salad chef and roofer in between. During her pursuit of a directing career, she has worked as a personal assistant to celebrities, a guest actress on such shows as NYPD Blue, The Drew Carey Show, Scrubs, Nip/Tuck and Seventh Heaven, and was the head writer of Power Rangers for a season. Currently, she plays “Big Alice” Gunderson on ABC’s General Hospital and is a freelance writer and script consultant. But, of course, what she really wants to do is direct.


2 responses to “About Bergen

  1. Dear Bergen,
    Thanks so much for sharing your story in “ABC Soaps in Depth”. I work on environmental issues and learned about Colin Campbell and his book, The China Study, last November. I bought the book, but when it arrived in the mail, I was overwhelmed. In the 70’s I learned that “you are what you eat”, that we could feed all the people in the world if we used the grain that we feed animals for meat production and more recently, we can stop (or slow) climate change because we would stop emitting so much methane. (CO2 has a Global Warming Potential of 1, compared to Methane which has a Global Warming Potential of 21 ! http://www.climatechangesask.ca/html/learn_more/Emissions/Warming_potential/index.cfm)

    One month later I was talking to my mentor (88 yr old environmentalist, marathon runner and canoe racer) and he convinced me to pick up the book, so I bought it on audio and listened to it. He is a cancer survivor which he attributes to a macrobiotic diet. He is on no medications at 88 yrs old and plans to break a record in his age bracket for running marathons.

    I recently bought Eat Right America (found at Whole Foods Market). It’s scary, but is the prescription for a whole food plant based diet. It looks at the nutritional density of food. http://www.eatrightamerica.com

    And finally, Earth Save – http://www.earthsave.org/ – is an organization that connects our health to the health of our environment.

    I am concerned that we as a society are not taking such important issues seriously.
    Again, thanks for sharing your story.


    Gayle Goldsmith Tuch
    Attorney at Law
    Certified Mediator
    PO Box 1006
    Clemmons, NC 27012
    (336) 766-2767
    (336) 766-3331 (fax)

  2. I would like to see,genetically modified foods,banned from the entire planet.I have been into natural heath for sometime,since my son was diagnosed with autism about 12 years ago.I have not tried your cookies yet,but I`d like to try them.I have kind of been out of the loop,as I quit watching GH for a spell.I got so fed up with the writing team.The characters of big Alice,Coleman,Max and Diane,were the only entertaining scenes.I love you all,we need some good laughs,when all the mob crap was on all the time.Miss the Quartermains and Alice most of all.Did not know,that you were fighting cancer,but I know,that eating healthy organic food can fight cancer.Lots of spices are cancer fighters,and herbs.Would like to see more storylines for the females on the show,and not just propping the male leads.I`m a hugh Luke and Laura fan from way back,

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